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    beautiful fincas, Private villas

    At Selected Holiday Homes we are experts from coast to coast on the beautiful island of Majorca.
    We have, amongst the best selection of the most beautiful and extraordinary houses of the island. All our homes have been personally selected by our professional team and meet our highest quality standards.
    Our team speaks the languages of the Island and yours. We are the intermediary between the traveler and the owner and we help to make the communication between both parties fluid and continuous.
    A voyage into a new World
    With the offer of Selected Holiday Homes we give you the opportunity to rent fincas and holiday homes that can not be surpassed in their respective individual charm and exclusivity. A piece of perfect holiday on the island of Majorca. Immerse yourself into a world of unparalleled relaxation and pleasant living.   We invite you to take a look around and learn about our exclusive offerings of exceptional private holiday homes, luxury dream villas and fincas.
    Everything is prepared for you
    Our team is made up of experts with many years of training in the tourist industry and they have the necessary expertise to evaluate properties throughout the island.
    Selected Holiday Homes gives you access to luxurious dream fincas and vacation homes. Whether for families, groups or the individual who is looking for a spacious house, or for wedding couples looking for a romantic villa for their honeymoon on Majorca, our team knows all of our houses and the charm hidden in every corner.
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